For 15 years now, KOZAC has been a fixture on the interior decor scene, creating metal staircases for the home and prestige installations in partnership with architects and designers. In the process, it has carved out an excellent reputation for itself. KOZAC is constantly sharpening its metalwork savoir-faire and always on the lookout for exceptional new partners to inspire ever more audacious creations. In 2019, KOZAC therefore decided to team up with the outstanding fine metalwork company Wanecque (LIEN SITE INTERNET). The firm is now an integral part of the Wanecque group and is based in Mérignac in the south-west of France


Presided over by its founder Romain Wanecque, Wanecque (LIEN SITE INTERNET) possesses a comprehensive set of in-house skills and cutting-edge production facilities. It consists of 4 firms and several brands, making it the largest metalworking company in western France. Young and dynamic, it has already established itself as the industry benchmark for high-end metalwork. Wanecque’s 80 team members, some of whom have worked on the Tour de France and all of whom have a state-of-the-art mastery of their profession and its techniques, work each piece individually like true artisans. By recruiting both nationally and internationally, Romain Wanecque has assembled a team of the finest professional metalworkers.